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(Pro. version) An exciting game of Patriotic Defence, tactics and strategy at a global scale for all. (Age 6+)


OMNI GENEius™ gives you ‘OMNI TACT’, a patriotic defence game with modern tactics. A two player game ethically designed for ages 6 years onwards. OMNI TACT is a new patent-pending 2 player board game with far more spaces to tactically maneuver in a single board game. Stretching your mind power (IQ) and imagination to newer levels through a new perspective in a diamond shaped grid, which aims to open unseen dimensions in the mind for simple and advanced strategy game players.

OMNI TACT puts players in the role of a leader with a Defence Unit under their command. Use your wits and tactical knowledge to strategically place your troops around the map and play 3 simple strategic games; or shuffle the mission cards, or selectively undertake any of the 9 daring missions on a global scale. The game involves rescuing fellow Unit members, defending targets, transporting supplies, securing zones of strategic importance, rescuing companion units and civilians, escorting soldiers to tactical rendezvous points and collecting mission bounties. Complete missions successfully to earn OMNI TACT rewards/stars, and, as your achievements and accomplishments grow, climb your way up to the very top of the defence ranks!


A breakthrough in Strategic Board games: Tactical thinking, spatial awareness and planning ahead are valuable skills that certain types of games can enhance, which is possible through Omni TACT and Footy Smart.


OMNI TACT - An Introduction.


This game helps to develop logic skills, strategic thinking and forward-planning, as well as bringing logic, strategy and tactics onto the modern battlefield. Using bold and clean, specially-designed tokens on a fresh & simple, yet sophisticated perspective grid.

Omni-Tact encourages IQ advancement through the use of tactical defending, maneuvering and thinking ahead. The game has a solid method for rewarding and promoting game players using stars and medals that give a sense of patriotic achievement throughout the game, from start to finish.

Omni-Tact is easy enough for a 6 year old to pick up and play alongside the Grand Masters, at the same time affording players the chance to give the screen a break and mixing in physical and social game play. The game has 12 exciting and challenging missions for players to undertake, making it very replayable and engaging for hours on end.

OMNI TACT promotes logical thinking, tactical planning and forward thinking common to classic board games such as Chess and Checkers, and encourages intelligent decision-making that is beneficial even outside the game. With 12 different, exciting missions, a rewarding system of achievement and optimal re-playability.


The key difference between the Family and Pro version is the main game board with different colour dodge concepts to create variation and increase focus levels accordingly.



OMNI TACT - Easy Play

OMNI TACT - Advanced Play







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Game Walk-through video Easy & Advanced Play Brand Omni GENEius ™
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EC Declaration of conformity.
"CE" Certified - European Toy Safety Directive for European Economic Area. 
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VAT GB247720010
Package Weight 1.1 Kg Distributor & PLI Holder Omni Geneius Limited
(Hong Kong)
Package Dimensions 26 x 26 x 7 cm CR No. 2297539
Recommended age Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision Origin

 Made in China.

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