Omni GENEius

"We are creative innovators and solution-finders at heart and mind with a great passion for philanthropy and developing younger generations"
~Omnovation Team - #thebrightside.
"We love it when a game gets people together".


Omni GENEius™ is a family start-up based in the UK with a diverse team and a global mindset, we are dedicated to helping bring out the innate passion for learning, intelligence and fun that’s in everyone’s genes.

Our aim is to revive traditional play of board games & toys in an evolutionary way with a combination of a Social health solutions through unique gaming programs.

We are keen to promote Social play and learn, fun & motivation through our new generation of Board games & Wooden toys. We have something for most age groups, Kids to Grownups, with tonnes of Joy, Knowledge, Sophistication & Simplicity packed in it.

We offer energetic, challenging and ground-breaking tools to optimise play and learn, fun, motivation and positive affirmations.

We focus on encouraging creativity and thinking in play, with the aim of advancing new generations of people to becoming more inventive, intelligent and productive.

Our two key beliefs are that every child has infinite potential, and what you love and see is what you learn. Our methods of working and our products developed will complement education at schools and colleges, in an ethical, social and advanced way.

Our customers understand the importance of investing in our younger generations, with products that aid learning, intelligence and confidence from an early stage.

We are a pure innovation company dedicated to discovering new concepts and developing original products for our customers, launching new and evolutionary merchandise via a combination of in-house design and new pioneers joining us on our mission.

OMNI GENEius™ was born and incorporated in the UK in July 2015, with further expanding our footprint internationally in Hong Kong in September 2015.


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 Omni GENEius Featured

Omni GENEius™ featured in Out & About April-May 2017 issue. Thanks to Hounslow Chambers of Commerce for this and the great work they do in supporting business across the borough! Article.



Omni GENEius™ is Nominated in 2 awards categories for the Hounslow Business Awards 2017.


Omni GENEius™ is Nominated in 2 awards categories for the Hounslow Business Awards 2017.Categories: Best Social Enterprise and Innovator of the Year.
Omni Geneius Ltd. Award Certificate - Innovator of the Year.
Omni GENEius™ awarded - "Commended" Innovator of the Year.




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