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Children are pre-disposed to learning from an early age, and it’s during the early years of their lives that the foundation for the rest of their educational lives is set – that’s why it’s very important to give children as many valuable educational resources as possible, using methods and techniques that suit the mode of learning for that particular child. All children have an innate love of learning, and by nurturing that passion for education early on and in a stress-free environment, children can grow and develop their intelligence very quickly. At OMNI GENEius™, we believe that children are naturally curious and all you need to do to help your children learn and grow is to keep this inquisitive nature alive. Educational products, like games and toys will catch their attention instantly, and they will show increased interest in learning such an activity. This is why we have developed the very best mind-building and IQ-optimizing games.

When it comes to learning, there needs to be a certain amount of ‘fun’ in the activity so that the learning process can be successful. Games that are fun to play are more engaging and will hold a child’s attention and curiosity for longer, allowing them more opportunity to learn effectively. Choosing the right activity or game is vital, as that will be the deciding factor in the entire educational process.

We offer energetic, challenging and ground-breaking tools to optimise learning via play, motivation and positive affirmations. There are a variety of topics that games can draw from to make playtime both fun and educational, such as numbers and counting, geography, science and spelling, all of which feature prominently in the OMNI GENEius™ products; Fun Genes, Smarty Genes and SUPA Genes. Tactical thinking, spatial awareness and planning ahead are also valuable skills that certain types of games can enhance, which is possible through our strategy board games, OMNI TACT and Footy Smarty. There are also a wide range of games that can improve your child’s memory, recognition and mental agility – our fast-paced colour and shape game Omni Wits can help with this. OMNI GENEius™ games in particular are highly resourceful when it comes to maximising the learning potential of games. Educational games are the building blocks of your child's future, as they help to lay the foundation of the way they learn, grow and develop for years to come.

Imaginative Play

Omni GENEius | Simple Board Games & Toys

Imagination is one of the most powerful resources that children have when it comes to their development. Although it can sometimes seem as though make-believe is nothing more than an over-active imagination, in actual fact this brings with it a number of key benefits when it comes to children’s education and learning potential. In a report published in ‘Psychology Today’, the numerous benefits that pretend play brings to children’s cognitive and social development are identified: imagination and playing pretend are ways in which children experiment and explore new concepts, such as playing different roles and identities. It allows them to experience what it’s like as another person and which can allow them to take on different people’s perspectives. This can help them feel empathy with others and which may help to lower their tendency towards aggressive behaviour. Make-believe also allows children the space to freely explore ideas through play that might be difficult or just something they’re not quite adept at yet. After all, many children like to mimic and copy people, and this is an effective way of helping children to become aware of new concepts and become adept at new skills, especially language where studies show that children who engage in pretend play at a young age tend to pick up more complex aspects of language and speech much more quickly. Not only that, but imagination even helps children develop their skill at divergent thinking – such as coming up with new solutions to old problems, “thinking out of the box”, and using their imaginations to develop ideas in new ways. It may be tempting to think that imaginative play is somehow distinct from or different from learning in the traditional sense, but in recent years, more people are coming to realize that both of these activities are not only important to children’s development, but are more heavily-linked than we realize, and many teachers are finding novel ways of integrating the two successfully in the classroom.

Imagination is a vital aspect of all children’s lives, and it’s something that OMNI GENEius’ diverse range of intelligence-enhancing games and toys help to develop. Our Fun Genes, Smarty Genes and SUPA Genes block play sets, made up of wooden blocks decorated with inspiring and educational images, can help children not only create buildings and objects from their imagination, but can also expose them to concepts such as numbers, planets, countries and more while they play. Our OMNI TACT and Footy Smarty strategy board games actively encourage the imagination by putting players in the role of a defencz commander or a football player, as well as helping to develop their tactical thinking and forward planning while they play. Imagination is more than just idle day-dreaming, it’s one of the skills that have a major role in your child’s educational potential and the IQ-enhancing toys and games available at can help your child to develop these skills and more for years to come.


Block Toys Benefits

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Studies over recent decades have shown that there are many educational advantages to playing with wooden block sets. Research has consistently shown that playing with unit block sets can encourage a wide range of different skills and faculties in children from an early age, as well as giving them a baseline knowledge and understanding of various different concepts.

Unit blocks of different shapes, sizes, curvature and proportions can give children an awareness of the principles of mathematics and geometry. Similarly, stacking, building and collapsing blocks can introduce children to the idea of gravity and balance – and certain combinations of blocks can create fulcrums and levers that allow children to explore balance and physics in new ways. Playing with others to build structures using wooden blocks can also teach children the values of collaboration and cooperating, as well as helping them to communicate more effectively as they interact, socialize and negotiate with one another during play. And of course, the ability to carefully place, position and balance blocks develops children’s hand-eye co-ordination, manual dexterity and grasp. Not only that, but studies suggest that children who play with unit block sets from infancy onwards, tend to outperform other children who do not. So take a look at the IQ-enhancing products available at the OMNI GENEius™ website on  to make the most of your child’s educational potential today.

  • March 10, 2016
  • Omni GENEius

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