So…are traditional board games, wooden blocks, puzzles and other building toys obsolete?


Just about anywhere you go today, you can see children as young as three making use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices: parents watch as children slide images back and forth, watching movies on the screen and playing various mobile games. There is no doubt that these devices are thoroughly entertaining for kids, but they also aid in the development of their young minds; they help to improve their dexterity and mental processes, as well as acquainting them with a technology that they will become even more familiar with in the future.

But of course, we were still very capable of learning and being entertained before the introduction of smartphones, tablets and the Internet. People belonging to the generation that pre-dates the introduction of these devices fondly remember the objects that helped them to develop their minds when they were young – such as wooden unit blocks, puzzles and famous Board Games. But are these toys and games of a by-gone era still as beneficial in the development of our mind as they used to be? Can they compete with tablets, smart-phones and laptops?

Judging by the sales of many manufacturers, such as Lego, Hasbro, Lincoln Logs and others, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. The CEOs of these companies and the parents of today’s children know that there are several benefits of board games, building unit blocks and puzzle toys:

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Benefits of building, unit block and puzzle toys:

1. They help children learn proportion, shape and colour, and how each can be manipulated to interact with each other and the environment.

2. They help children learn to interact socially with each other: building blocks and puzzles are an excellent way to get children to learn cooperation as they design things together.

3. Children become familiar with higher concepts like gravity, balance and geometry, all without necessarily knowing it, simply by stacking and piling up blocks – and watching them fall down.

4. Blocks and puzzles involve open-ended play, and therefore help children to grow and develop their imagination, rather than being presented with predetermined images, choices or rules via a computer screen.

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Benefits of Board Games:

There is ample research to show that playing board games can help children master new skills and introduce them to advanced concepts. For example:

• Dice rolls, moving tokens and accruing points in-game can teach children the basics of numbers and counting, as well as spatial awareness.

• Reading cards and names on the board can help a child’s literacy grow.

• Bright, bold and colourful games can give children a greater awareness of a range of colours and shades, as well as improving visual perception.

• Games with tactical elements that require forward-planning can improve a child’s mental acuity, logic development and strategic thinking.

• Playing games with others teaches children to communicate, share and negotiate effectively.

• Games with movable tokens and pieces can help with hand-eye co-ordination, as well as manual dexterity.

This is not to say that traditional wood unit blocks, puzzles and building toys have not had a modern makeover, to compete with more eye-catching, modern technologies like mobile devices, DVRs, etc. There are now building toys and puzzles with new, interesting shapes, colours and patterns. Some toys have magnetic components to them, while others resemble origami. However, they all retain at their base the ability to entertain and educate, as every good toy should - pretty good for a toy that goes all the way back to the 17th century!

Board games also have a long history, evolving from abstract but intellectual games such as chess, checkers and even table-top war games & strategy games. These have helped players develop mental skills such as tactical planning, measurement, forward-thinking and arithmetic. Other board games, such as Monopoly, taught the basics of money and finances, introducing young players to concepts such as property, rent and monetary accumulation; others, like Cluedo, encourage logical thinking and puzzle-solving, and Battleship promotes strategic thinking and spatial awareness. Board games of all kinds have a long track record of encouraging the mental stimulation of players of all ages, and are a vital tool in shaping younger audiences to give them a passion and love for learning, education and improving intelligence.

At OMNI GENEius™, we realized that in order to achieve our passion for optimizing new generations and at the same time creating social impact, we need our innovation skills to develop board games, block toys and traditional toys as a first step to develop young minds. We then aim to create a larger range of products that will help new generations to master new skills and acquire new ideas and concepts, while keeping their minds social & active during play.

OMNI GENEius™ is a company dedicated to helping bring out the innate passion for learning, intelligence and fun that’s in everyone’s genes. At our site, we will sell a range of innovative products, aimed at enhancing the intelligence of the younger generation. OMNI GENEius™ plans to launch 9 products in 2016, 10 optimization missions for the youth via a global online store and an online community website for youth and our customers. Our launch products include 3 copyright products, 4 patent-pending products and 2 variants of the earlier. The products fall in several categories with options for all ages from 3 years to adults. Some of our planned launch products fall into the following categories: Family Board Games, Sports Board games, Strategic Games, Wooden Blocks toys, Shapes Puzzle Games, Memory Games and a creative communications app to spark up bright side imaginative works on the digital side.

Our new, revolutionary wooden block sets ‘Fun Genes’, ‘Smarty Genes’ & ‘SUPA Genes’, promote play and learning with the aim to enhance the IQ level of younger generations. These sets of wooden blocks use colourful pictures to introduce new concepts to children as they play, and promote a plethora of educational and logic enhancing and inspiring concepts in a single set of blocks in an extremely fun, imaginative and ingenious way.

If you like playing Chess or strategic board games, OMNI GENEius™ gives you our new patent-pending board game OMNI TACT, a patriotic defence game with modern tactics. With far more spaces to tactically manoeuvre in a single board game, it stretches your mind power and imagination to new levels. This game helps to develop logic skills, strategic thinking and forward-planning. Omni-Tact - Family & Professional Version, is the next level for players of a wide variety of ages, this game involves bringing logic, strategy and tactics onto the modern battlefield.

The game is a sophisticated yet simple representation of defence tactics where players control a patriotic defence force aiming to achieve missions on a global scale, using bold, specially-designed tokens on a grid. Omni-Tact encourages IQ advancement through the use of tactical defending, manoeuvring and thinking ahead, with a solid method for rewarding and promoting game players using stars and medals that give a sense of patriotic achievement throughout the game. Omni-Tact is easy enough for a 6 year old to pick up and play alongside the Grand Masters, at the same time affording players the chance to give the screen a break and mix in physical and social game play. The game has 12 exciting and challenging missions for players to undertake, making it very re-playable and engaging for hours on end. (See gaming age restrictions).

If you are a soccer / football or outdoor sports fan, OMNI GENEius™ gives you Footy Smart, with a novel patent-pending perspective grid with an immense number of spaces to manoeuvre in. This game stretches your mind power and imagination to new levels. Footy Smart is a simplified version of a strategic soccer game appropriate for younger ages & adults alike, with exciting, challenging and mentally-stimulating elements; the game gives you the ability to think as a team player and play out several strategic and exciting scenarios by controlling your own team of footballers. With additional bonus challenges and in-game rewards, such as collecting football trophies and participating in tournaments, players can feel a sense of achievement and victory as they play.

OMNI GENEius’ catalogue of games also includes OMNI WITS, a patent-pending, fast-paced, exciting and rewarding game where players compete against one another in a test of speed, memory, recognition, shapes, puzzles and colours, which will help younger players handle pressure, and stay calm and focused in the early years of their life. Omni-Wits is a social game for all ages above 3 years old. It promotes physical game play which anyone of any age can quickly get hooked on, as well as encouraging many mental skills such as pairing, matching, memory and hand-eye co-ordination.

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OMNI GENEius’ catalogue also includes a creative communications mobile app - Omni Giving, the patent-pending app contains 2 add-on packs which can be purchased at a cost: Omni Block (ages 3+) & Omni Cubes (ages 7+).

OMNI GENEius™ is dedicated to social improvement and innovative ways of doing business: We aim to use a portion of our Profits for Philanthropic purposes through 10  Omni Programs, the aim will be to solve root cause issues for future  generations and adding more Joy through social toys for young and games  for all ages. The Omni Programs will be live once we are a profit-making  company.

We follow this revolutionary approach as we are serious about the growth and advancement of coming generations, and want to foster equal opportunity for our passion of youth development, while at the same time making a global ‘people’ company, fostering relationships with investors and companies around the world who can be part of our vision and mission.

We believe knowledge is not just memorizing facts, but also includes improving the way the mind thinks, imagines, innovates and investigates the world, when sustained by optimal nourishment and fitness levels.

We are committed to offering energetic, challenging and ground-breaking tools to optimize learning via play, motivation and positive affirmations. By focusing on encouraging creativity and thinking through play in our products, we aim to help advance future generations to become more inventive, intelligent and productive.

Our customers tend to be very astute and discerning when it comes to the kind of products they want to give to their children, and they understand the importance of investing in younger generations by using the appropriate products that can aid learning, improve intelligence and increase confidence from early ages.

We are a pure innovation company dedicated to discovering new concepts and products and developing wholly new, original products for customers across the world. We are excited to launch new, evolutionary merchandise through a combination of our planned in-house designs for future product launches, as well as new pioneers joining us on our mission.

So…the next time you see a three year old playing on a tablet and wonder if he or she may one day grow up to be the next Bill Gates, think about the child’s counterpart – a child whose parents have invested in his future potential by providing a mix of gaming methods, some of which include contemporary, intelligent and prestigious IQ enhancing educational and physical social gaming products from OMNI GENEius™. Perhaps that child will grow up to be the next Frank Lloyd Wright?

  • February 29, 2016
  • Omni GENEius

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