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Omni Wits is a patent-pending, simple yet fast-paced geometrical and colour ‘match-and-memory’ game for 2 players! Do you have the wits to make a champion?

OMNI GENEius’ brings you Omni Wits, a fast-paced, exciting and rewarding game where players compete against one another in a test of speed, memory, recognition, shapes, puzzles and colours. It will help young ones learn to handle pressure, stay calm and remain focused in their early years at school and timed tests. Omni Wits is a social game promoting face-to-face gaming which anyone of any age can quickly get hooked on. As well as encouraging many mental skills, such as pairing, matching, memory and hand-to-eye co-ordination, this game helps younger generations to expand their IQ.

Two players compete against each other to find specific shape and colour combinations from an assortment of geometrical shapes before their opponent can and so add them to their collection of Witty Stars. The player with the most reward stars at the end wins the game. Playing the game promotes geometrical concepts, motivation, focus, ranking, a winning attitude and sense of achievement. Omni Wits also improves memory and association, aids shape and colour recognition and encourages players to stay calm and focused in the heat of the moment, making this a social game that anyone of any age can quickly get hooked on.

Aim of the game: You are challenged to flip through a deck of cards to find shapes of a certain colour and geometrical design and then place them in the correct place in the Collector’s tray, without leaving any unturned shapes in the tray. Win over your opponent by quickly finding the right shape and adding it to your collection! The game also uses an exciting buzzer. Do all this before your opponent and collect a star! The player with the most stars when the cards run out wins the game and is awarded a ‘Witty Star’, which you can use in an achievement ranking system to qualify and challenge your opponents for Award/Medal matches.


You can play up to 6 players by adding multiple new game sets and a referee to the mix.

(Please see our videos online for more information, quick starts, new ideas & game play.)


Omni GENEius games are open-ended games that keep evolving; eventually for event & competitions. We promote innovation mindset development and try to keep games close to real-life scenarios. Please feel free to relax the rules for the younger ones. Alternatively, you can add your own rule variations to increase the difficulty or excitement levels, or even tweak the rules to reduce playtime. However, please make sure that any new rules you adopt are clear to your opponent before the start of gameplay.


See advanced level examples. Let us know about your own new innovative rules, so we can share the

joy with others. Email:




· 36 x Cards (showing the correct shape and colour of piece to find in each round of the game)

· 14 Add-on cards (showing multiple shapes on each cards – these are for advanced levels games)

· 2 x Sets of 36 Coloured Shape pieces (1 set per player, scattered faced down by opponents in the centre trays)

· 36+ x Star tokens (for every round of play, in each game)

· 2 x Centre trays (1 per player) and 2 x Collector’s tray (1 per player)

· 20 x Witty Star Tokens (awarded for Victory in each game) and 10 x Medals (for Challenge matches)

· 1 x Buzzer


How to play:

1. Sort the coloured shapes so that each player has their own set of differently unique shapes with colours – none of the shapes in any one set should be the exact same geometrical design and colour.

2. Each player scatters one set of shapes in their opponent’s tray, with the coloured side face down, and then swaps trays.

3. Shuffle the cards and place them face down near the Centre trays. Then turn the top card over.

4. Both players must search their own Centre tray of shapes to find the exact shape and colour shown on the card, by firstly identifying the right shape in their pile and then turning the token over to see if it is the correct shape and colour. If a player turns over a shape and it is not the right colour, it must be placed coloured side down again. This applies for all shapes in your own Centre tray. At the same time, players must try to remember the location of unwanted shapes from that round, as this may be useful in the next round.

5. If the player turns over a shape and it is the right colour, they must proceed to place that piece in their Collector’s tray by identifying the correct place of the matching shape and colour. They must then quickly press the buzzer.

6. If the player that presses the buzzer has found the right shape and colour, and all the shapes in their Centre tray – except for the one they have found – are coloured side face down, are the right shape and placed on the correct space on their Collector’s tray, they take a star of the same colour as the shape they took in that round.

7. If they followed the above process correctly, but there is another shape in the tray that has not been turned back over, or if the correct pieces are not stacked in the correct place, then they do not get a star for that round. The opponent can progress to find the correct shape and hit the buzzer accordingly. (Alternatively, for serious gaming you could also penalize the opponent who hit the buzzer wrongly by putting one of their stars back in the game)

8. If the shape is incorrect and the buzzer is not used, then play continues until the correct shape is found.

9. The player that did not find the shape can still remove it from their tray in any of the other rounds in the games at the expense of time, but does not receive a star. Note: the round of searching for the correct shape stops once the buzzer is used correctly. (Alternatively, for easy play the losing player gets to remove the unfound shape at each round to play at equal advantage on next round.)

10. The next card is turned over and the game continues until there are no more cards left to turn over.

11. Whoever has the most stars at the end of the game wins; they get 1 Witty Star, and if they have a minimum of 3 Witty Stars, they can swap 3 Witty Stars for a medal! In order to progress from “Snappy Wits”, to “Witty Champ”, to “Witty Master”, to “Witty Power”, to “King of Wits” players must continue to win games.


Omni GENEius


Advanced level examples & for the Young


1) To increase difficulty level of the game, collect both the correct shapes & coloured stars (before hitting the buzzer).


2) At the start of the game, remove 4-8 random shapes from your opponents “Centre Tray” to keep them guessing in the game.


3) At the start of the game, slip in the top 4-5 opened cards back into the deck during game play to make it more exciting & test memory recall.


4) Introduce the 14 Add-on cards that show multiple shapes on each cards. You can choose to discard the duplicate individual shape cards and play the fast-paced game.


5) Or just play along with all the 50 cards to the end until one player wins, when no more shapes are left in their centre tray and all options are maxed out (shuffle them well).


6) Rules for Young Vs Older players: When there is a large age difference in players, we recommend that the young ones play with more relaxed rules. For example, the younger player could aim to collect only shapes and hit the Buzzer to collect the star, while the older player collects the Shape and Star and then hits the buzzer. (Hiding away some shapes and adding used up cards back into the deck can also be added to the mix). Increase the complexity of the rules accordingly, to cater for multiple ages and experienced players.


7) If needed for Young players, start off with fewer shapes in the tray – for example 3-5 shapes of each colour and gradually increase the pace by adding more shapes, card variations, stars, hiding shapes and adding burnt cards back into the deck. Any others you can think off? Test it out, and kindly let us know at - so we can share the Joy and optimise our future generations.



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  • December 01, 2016
  • Omni GENEius

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