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OMNI TACT - An Introduction.

OMNI TACT - Easy Play

OMNI TACT - Advanced Play


OMNI GENEius brings you ‘Omni TACT’ – a new, exciting game of patriotic defence, tactics and strategy played out on a global scale and fun for all ages.


This is a new, patent-pending game with modern tactics that gives you far more spaces to tactically manoeuvre in than a traditional board game. It will stretch both your mind power (IQ) and imagination to new levels.


Omni TACT puts you in the role of a leader with a Defence Unit under your command. Use your wits and tactical knowledge to strategically place your troops around the map and play 3 simple strategic games, shuffle the mission cards or selectively undertake any of the 9 daring missions on a global scale. The game involves rescuing fellow Unit members, defending targets, transporting supplies, securing zones of strategic importance, rescuing companion units and civilians, escorting soldiers to tactical rendezvous points and collecting mission bounties. Complete missions successfully earn Omni TACT reward stars, and as your achievements and accomplishments grow, you can climb your way up to the very top of the defence ranks!


Omni TACT encourages IQ advancement through the use of tactical defending, manoeuvring and thinking ahead, with a solid method for rewarding and promoting game play that uses stars and medals to give a sense of patriotic achievement throughout the game. The game uses bold, bright, specially-designed tokens on a simple, yet sophisticated grid. Omni TACT is easy enough for 4-6 year olds to pick up and play alongside the Grand Masters, whilst at the same time affording players the chance to give the screen a break and join in with physical and social game play. The game has 12 exciting and challenging missions for players to undertake, making it very re-playable and engaging for hours on end.


Omni TACT promotes logical thinking, tactical planning and forward thinking that is common to classic board games, such as Chess and Checkers, encouraging intelligent decision-making. With 12 different exciting missions, a rewarding system of achievement and optimal re-playability, Omni TACT will keep you coming back for more!







Game Pieces & Instructions:

· Simplified Rules, followed by a Sample scenario in the following charts, can be used for Quick start.

· Advanced Rules, followed by the charts, are for reference purposes and Professional game play.


Omni Tact quick reference



The aim is to complete missions by navigating your Defence Unit to achieve an objective, by using the terms THREAT or DEFEAT (to take out key targets), or complete a specific mission at the given coordinates on the map, while eliminating the opponent’s Unit and defending your position. The player that manages to achieve the objective or completes the mission by successfully using their Defence Unit wins the game.



· 34 x Unit pieces (17 for each player – choose from your optional commander. Any spares to be left out.)

· 1 x Mission Bounty Token

· 20 x Omni TACT Stars

· 10 x Omni TACT Ranking Medals

· 16 x Mission Cards (12 unique missions)

· 1 twin-sided board game (Omni Tact)


Omni Tact instructions

How to play:

In Omni TACT, each game is based around a single mission with an objective that you must achieve by using your Defence Unit (Defence soldiers and vehicles). Follow the instructions below to begin the game:

1. At the start of each game, a Mission Card must be chosen: players can either toss a coin to see who decides which mission will be undertaken, or the Mission Cards can be shuffled face-down and a card chosen at random. Each Mission Card shows you the mission objective or the coordinates that the player must get to, the Unit pieces the players can choose to go on the mission, and how many Unit pieces are allowed to be taken.

2. Use the X and Y axis markings on the board to read off the coordinates (numbering of spaces).

3. Play the specified Objective, or if it’s a Mission Bounty token-specific game, then place the Mission Bounty token at the coordinates listed on the Mission Card.

4. For Mission Bounty specific games: once a Mission Card has been chosen, each player decides which Unit pieces they will deploy to achieve the Mission. On the Mission cards, there is a strategic range of options that the Unit pieces can choose from and specific instructions. Accordingly, players need to take the specific Unit pieces and place them on the board at the Mission Zone, while meeting all of the instructions on the Mission Card.

5. The Mission Zone is made up of the 8 spaces that are directly beside the space identified by the mission coordinates (or 5 spaces if the space identified by the mission coordinates is in the extreme middle right & left end of the boards). If more than one option for a specific Unit piece is given on a Mission card (such as Marching Soldiers and Sprinting Soldiers), you can choose strategically which Unit pieces to take on the mission and manoeuvre accordingly.

6. Toss a coin or choose which player gets to take the first turn.

7. During a player’s turn, they can move one of their Unit pieces by using the Movement rules; eliminate an opponent’s Unit piece by using the Eliminating rules to try to complete the Objective, or reach the Mission Zone with the appropriate Unit pieces if it’s a Mission Bounty game (also see Mission rules, Technical Victory rules and Technical Draw rules)

8. Players take alternate turns until one player manages to achieve the Objective or seize control of the Mission Zone.

9. When a player manages to complete the Objective or complete a Mission Bounty specific game by seizing control of the Mission Zone, they gain 1 Omni TACT Star as per the Ranking system mentioned in the Ranking System section.



Units piece placements and their coordinates on the Game Board: 


  • Spotter – Y1-X2 and Y15-X2
  • Marching Soldier – Y1-X4, 6, 8 and Y15-X4, 6, 8
  • Sprinting Soldier – Y1-X10, 12, 14 and Y15-X10, 12, 14
  • Signal Officer – Y1-X16 and Y15-X16


Vehicles & Commander:

  • Attack Helicopter – Y0-X1 and Y16-X1
  • Battle Tank – Y0-X3 and Y16-X3
  • Battleship – Y0-X5 and Y16-X5
  • Army Jeep – Y0-X7 and Y16-X7
  • Commander – Y0-X9 and Y16-X9
  • Jet – Y0-X11 and Y16-X11
  • RIB Gunboat – Y0-X13 and Y16-X13
  • Surface-to-Air-Missile (SAM) – Y0-X15 and Y16-X15
  • Transport Helicopter – Y0-X17 and Y16-X17



OMNI TACT Game Guide:

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