But innovation is not just about creating and developing wholly new ideas; it can also be about nurturing and improving established tools & concepts, and finding ways to revitalise and reintegrate them. Our particular set of products combines both - unique developments and successful traditional tools of social engagement & intellect, these are board games and wooden block sets to be launched from OMNI GENEius™.

Funding and Innovation:

Innovation is the driving force behind almost every industry across the planet today. Developing new products, services, strategies and modes of thinking that allow businesses to address and overcome problems, with ingenious solutions that not only benefit customers and clients, but also benefit the business and its investors too.

Customers of businesses that are dedicated to the innovation process get the full benefit of products that are specifically designed in response to their needs. This can greatly improve their experience of the business, as well as promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Some businesses even involve customers in the decision-making process, which provides even more positive benefits for loyal customers outside of the products themselves.

There is also great value when it comes to investing in innovation. Pledging support to those creating new methods of thinking, and new ways of designing products, helps to foster a relationship that can last for decades. Creating further opportunities between investor and innovator, improving financial prospects for both, and combining their strengths to help one another reach their goals in a way that may have been impossible alone.

Businesses with strong innovative and creative principles tend to stay ahead in the market, as they will adapt to changes more readily, spot trends more quickly, and respond to customer needs more efficiently. This gives the business more time to grow, evolve and find even better ways of providing solutions in the future.

OMNI TACT | Strategy Board Games | Omni GENEius


If you like playing Chess or strategic board games, OMNI GENEius™ brings you
OMNI TACT – a new patent-pending, first of its kind game played on a compact diamond shaped board with far more spaces (161 vs 64 in Chess) to tactically manoeuvre in a single board game, the game stretches your mind power and imagination to new levels.

This game helps to develop logic skills, strategic thinking and forward-planning. Omni-Tact - Family & Professional Version - is the next level for players of a wide variety of ages, this game involves bringing logic, strategy and tactics onto the modern battlefield. The game is a sophisticated yet simple representation of defence tactics, where players control a patriotic defence force aiming to achieve missions on a global scale, using bold, and specially-designed tokens on a fresh & simple grid. Omni-Tact encourages IQ advancement through the use of tactical defending, manoeuvring and thinking ahead, with a solid method for rewarding and promoting game play using stars and medals, which gives a sense of patriotic achievement throughout the game, from start to finish. Omni-Tact is easy enough for a 4-5 year old to pick up and play alongside the Grand Masters, whilst at the same time affording players the chance to mix digital, physical and social game play time. The game has 12 exciting and challenging missions for players to undertake, making it very re-playable and engaging for hours on end.

An exciting game of patriotic defence, and modern tactics and strategy at a global scale for all.

 Omni Tact | Strategy Board Games | Omni GENEius

We look for your feedback on our unique games in order to quickly develop them into great games for all to enjoy. Chess has been played for centuries and even today there are 600+ million active users of Chess! OMNI GENEius™ has a new breakthrough to raise the bar in strategic games. Whilst being very different to the great game of Chess, OMNI TACT and Footy Smart are a new type of ‘Mind Optimisation’ that Chess and Board Game players will enjoy for years to come.

At OMNI GENEius™, we are creative innovators and solution-finders both at heart and in mind, with a great passion for philanthropy, especially when it comes to developing younger generations. We are dedicated to helping bring out the innate passion for learning, intelligence and fun that’s in everyone’s genes. Aspiring to create new and innovative products that optimise ‘gene’ and ‘advance’ IQ levels, for both children and adults. We offer energetic, challenging and innovative products which optimise learning via play, motivation and positive affirmations.

We have pledged ourselves to making a real, positive difference to younger generations through our engaging and innovative products – and we appreciate all your support in sharing our vision with the rest of the world.

More about Omni TACT (Family & Pro version):

OMNI TACT, puts players in the role of a leader with a Defence Unit under their command. Use your wits and tactical knowledge to strategically place your troops around the map and play 3 simple strategic games, or shuffle the mission cards or selectively undertake on any of the 9 daring missions on a global scale. This involves rescuing fellow unit members, defending targets, transporting supplies, securing zones of strategic importance, rescuing companion units and civilians, escorting soldiers to tactical rendezvous points and collecting mission bounties. Complete missions successfully to earn OMNI TACT rewards/stars, and, as your achievements and accomplishments grow, climb your way up to the very top of the defence ranks!

OMNI TACT promotes logical thinking, tactical planning and forward thinking, common to classic board games such as Chess and Checkers, and encourages intelligent decision-making that is beneficial even outside the game. With 12 different, exciting missions, a rewarding system of achievement and optimal re-playability, everyone will enjoy this IQ-enhancing game for hours on end. So take your battle on to the board instead and settle with peace.

A breakthrough in Strategic Board games: Tactical thinking, spatial awareness and planning ahead are valuable skills that certain types of games can enhance, which is possible through Omni TACT and Footy Smart.

Please note: OMNI TACT planned initial public launch will come in two variants - the Family and Pro - Versions. The key difference between the Family and Pro versions is the main game board with different colour dodge concepts to create variation and increase focus levels accordingly. Currently the Pro. version game can be played with Family version rules; however, the Pro. version game is open for rules development and we welcome feedback from customers and strategic gaming communities to develop OMNI TACT as an advanced strategic game for competitions and events.

~12 Games, Unlimited Options, Simple, New, Endless Tactics & Fun!

 Battle as a Unit or be the Omni Commander.

Omnicians Program Included.

  • February 25, 2016
  • Omni GENEius

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